More Assignments!

We worked on the Johnson Inaugural Address. 

Johnson’s Inaugural Address

Here are the questions that followed up the Election Day! assignment on Thursday and Friday March 13 & 14.  Congratulations to Madame President Paula and El Presedente Reid. 

Election Day! Questions

This is the post-assessment I gave the class on Tuesday and Wednesday March 11 & 12.  I want to say that you guys ROCKED this test like a Hurricane!  Great job everybody!



Daisy Girl Assignments

Daisy Girl Questions

The first assignment are the questions you were to answer after watching Johnson’s Daisy Girl, and Clinton’s 3a.m. ad. 

Elect Me! Create your own political ad! 

The second assignment is the Art project you were to begin during the period.  We are going to work on these on Tuesday and Wednesday March 11 & 12.

Words of Mystery!

The Great Society Crossword Puzzle

This is the crossword puzzle we worked on March 5 & 6.

CSI: Dallas (1963)

CSI: Dallas video questions

This is the assignment for the movie we watched on March 4 & 5.  If you missed that day, watch the videos posted below, and you should be able to answer the questions.  Please let me know if you want to watch the whole film.

Assassination Assignment


That headline might sound sinister, but the assignment isn’t!  We’re going to visit this Monday and Tuesday, then go on to a movie that more thoroughly debunks the conspiracy theories. 

The Kennedy Assassination

The Kennedy Museum has links to sources for the President’s assassination

Here are the links to websites that insist that there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy:

Other sites examine the evidence and come to a different conclussion

Pop(ular) Quiz!

Here’s the copy of the quiz, and essay assignment that I gave on February 26 & 27

Evaluation of the Kennedy Presidency

Pop(ular) quiz