Video Clips

The first clip is from the History Channel analysis of the Assassination using computer animation we watched on March 3 & 4.  It’s definately a secondary source, but it does a great job of incorporating the Zapruder film in the analysis. 

In 1991, Oliver Stone directed JFK, it starred Kevin Costner, who played a crusading District Attorney who tried to get to the bottom of the conspiracy to kill the President.  The central theme to the conspiracy is that there was a second shooter in Dallas, who was responsible for the murder of the President. 

In the minds of conspiracy theorists, Lee Harvey Oswald is at best a co-conspirator, at worst a patsy placed at the scene of the crime as a fall-guy, and to provide an alibi for the actual murder. 

The film JFK was so popular that it has BECOME a secondary source to many people.  It provides what it calls evidence that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.  Kevin Costner, played a District Attorney trying to get to the bottom of “the conspiracy” to kill Kennedy.  He re-enacted the assassination during a very dramatic scene during the movie. 

Personally, I think the movie JFK is very well directed and acted by two of Hollywood’s great talents.  It’s dramatic and exciting, but it is quite possibly the single most ridiculous piece of conspiracy theory trash ever shown.  Because the movie was so popular, many people think that it is the truth, and the evidence that it shows is the only answer for the assassination.