The Daisy Girl Advertisement

These are some of the political advertisements we watched on Friday March 7, and Monday March 10.  The first clip is called the “Daisy Girl” ad.  It was run on September 7, 1964, and made people so MAD that they only ran it once.  It’s probably the most famous political advertisement in history.  The voice over “We must love each other…” is President Johnson’s voice. 

Although his political opponent was never mentioned by name, people understood perfectly what he was talking about.  Barry Goldwater was an “Arch-Conservative”  (meaning VERY conservative) Republican from Arizona.  He favored the use of Atomic weapons in North Vietnam, and to fight the communists in Cuba.  It’s a brilliant ad that worked PERFECTLY.  Johnson defeated Goldwater 65% to 35% in the popular vote.

By the way… these are Primary sources. 

This second ad is less than a month old.  This ad was run by Hillary Clinton in Texas and Ohio before their primaries.  The tone between the two ads are similar.  In my opinion it’s important for you to understand how advertisers get you to buy your product.  Politicians, just like detergent makers and auto companies use images to appeal to your emotions.  The Daisy Girl, and Clinton’s 3 a.m. advertisements appeal directly to the same kind of emotions.