Radiohead video

This is a YouTube clip of one of my favorite bands singing one of my favorite songs.  While I’m no longer a student teacher at Rex Putnam HS, I still intend to update this blog fairly regularly. 


Thank you!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all for your help and support.  It’s been an honor and a privilege being your student-teacher this term.  It breaks my heart that my student-teacher experience at Putnam has to end.  I genuinely looked forward to seeing you all in class every day.  There wasn’t a single day that I’ve regretted my choice to become a teacher, that’s entirely because of how welcome you’ve made me feel.  You’ve made my experience a real joy. 

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I first came to Putnam.  I’ve taken SO MANY classes and listened to SO MANY lectures about teaching, but nothing can prepare you for the first time you have to stand in front of a classroom.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for teachers like Mr. Alper who make it look so EASY.  Believe me, it’s not.  I’d like to thank Josh Alper for helping me.  I can never repay you for all of your help and encouragement.  Your advice and guidance has always been welcome, and it’s been a pleasure to teach in your classroom.  I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me.  Thank you.

Your friend,

Brad Wright


Here’s something cool for you to watch as thanks for all of your help.  BTW, it has NOTHING to do with Kennedy, Johnson, The Cold War, The Space Race, elections, primary sources, secondary sources, quizzes, assignments, campaign advertisements, education, or anything else constructive. 

It’s one of my favorite bands, they’re called Portishead.  This is a clip from a show they did in ’98 at the Roseland Theater in New York.

Ok, it’s a Primary Source, It’s unedited documentary footage. 

Thanks again!

JFK, Rice University Address

This is an excerpt from a speech that President Kennedy gave at Rice University in Houston, TX in September 1962.  In just 1 more month, the nation would be embroiled in the Cuban Missile Crisis.  In this speech, JFK states clearly why we were going to go to the moon.  It’s a 3 minute clip, and the style and amazing skill of JFK as an orator are simply amazing… Watch how he works the crowd. 

Space… The Final Frontier.

On Monday and Tuesday we’re headed to Space!  I’ve been threatening to do it for a couple of weeks now, but this time I’M serious!  We’re going to be covering the Space program this week.   The Apollo project,  along with the Manhattan Project are the two greatest scientific and engineering feats in the history of mankind.  A thousand years from now, people will still be talking about how man first left the confines of Earth and set out for the Solar System.  See you Tomorrow!

Morning in America

This is a commercial from the 1984 Presidential election.  It belongs to Ronald Reagan.  Although we’re still in the 1960’s I showed this ad as part of our look at how political ads work on our subconscious.  Just look at the symbolism in this Ad!

The Daisy Girl Advertisement

These are some of the political advertisements we watched on Friday March 7, and Monday March 10.  The first clip is called the “Daisy Girl” ad.  It was run on September 7, 1964, and made people so MAD that they only ran it once.  It’s probably the most famous political advertisement in history.  The voice over “We must love each other…” is President Johnson’s voice. 

Although his political opponent was never mentioned by name, people understood perfectly what he was talking about.  Barry Goldwater was an “Arch-Conservative”  (meaning VERY conservative) Republican from Arizona.  He favored the use of Atomic weapons in North Vietnam, and to fight the communists in Cuba.  It’s a brilliant ad that worked PERFECTLY.  Johnson defeated Goldwater 65% to 35% in the popular vote.

By the way… these are Primary sources. 

This second ad is less than a month old.  This ad was run by Hillary Clinton in Texas and Ohio before their primaries.  The tone between the two ads are similar.  In my opinion it’s important for you to understand how advertisers get you to buy your product.  Politicians, just like detergent makers and auto companies use images to appeal to your emotions.  The Daisy Girl, and Clinton’s 3 a.m. advertisements appeal directly to the same kind of emotions.

Video Clips

The first clip is from the History Channel analysis of the Assassination using computer animation we watched on March 3 & 4.  It’s definately a secondary source, but it does a great job of incorporating the Zapruder film in the analysis. 

In 1991, Oliver Stone directed JFK, it starred Kevin Costner, who played a crusading District Attorney who tried to get to the bottom of the conspiracy to kill the President.  The central theme to the conspiracy is that there was a second shooter in Dallas, who was responsible for the murder of the President. 

In the minds of conspiracy theorists, Lee Harvey Oswald is at best a co-conspirator, at worst a patsy placed at the scene of the crime as a fall-guy, and to provide an alibi for the actual murder. 

The film JFK was so popular that it has BECOME a secondary source to many people.  It provides what it calls evidence that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.  Kevin Costner, played a District Attorney trying to get to the bottom of “the conspiracy” to kill Kennedy.  He re-enacted the assassination during a very dramatic scene during the movie. 

Personally, I think the movie JFK is very well directed and acted by two of Hollywood’s great talents.  It’s dramatic and exciting, but it is quite possibly the single most ridiculous piece of conspiracy theory trash ever shown.  Because the movie was so popular, many people think that it is the truth, and the evidence that it shows is the only answer for the assassination.