The Kennedy Assassination

The Kennedy Museum has links to sources for the President’s assassination

Here are the links to websites that insist that there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy:

Other sites examine the evidence and come to a different conclussion


The Zapruder Film

Thursday Feb 28, and Friday Feb 29 we’ll be focusing on the Kennedy Assassination.  It was an incredibly traumatic time for millions of Americans.  Many people who were alive then could tell you exactly where they were, and what they were doing when they found out that the President had been killed.  A similarly traumatic event would be the Challenger (space shuttle) disaster in 1986, and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. 

Attached here is a digitally corrected, and stabilized image of the Assassination.  This video is THE primary source document of the assassination, but no video has generated more controversy and conspiracy theories than this one.

The video was shot by a man named Abraham Zapruder, who was using a hand held color film recorder, they were fairly rare for the time.  We’re very lucky that the film exists at all.   I want to warn my students that the video is extremely graphic.  If you are at all sensitive, or do not want to view the video, please feel free to avoid clicking play.

A note about the video: the black colored blocking on the sample is stabilization for the images.  It was a hand held recording, the blocking allows for a more stable image. 

Pop(ular) Quiz!

Here’s the copy of the quiz, and essay assignment that I gave on February 26 & 27

Evaluation of the Kennedy Presidency

Pop(ular) quiz

The Cuban Missile Crisis

These are the documents we used in the Cuban Missile Crisis evaluation on Friday Feb 22 and Monday Feb 25.  Students were responsible for evaluating 1 of the documents, and answer the 3 questions.  Ask me for the sheet with the 3 questions, it’s available in dead tree edition only.  The questions were turned in for 10 points. 

CIA estimate of Consequences

Notes of Meeting with the President

Castro and his Generals in Spanish

A picture

An East German guard escapes to freedom

Click for the full version.  This is a picture I found when I was doing some research about the Berlin Wall.  I wasn’t able to discover what happened to this East German who ran over the border.  It’s one of those pictures that really is worth a thousand words.

Kennedy’s Television Address During the Cuban Missile Crisis

 This was President Kennedy’s national TV address.  It was given on Monday October 22, 1962.   Millions of Americans watched this, and were convinced that we were headed for Nuclear War.  It’s pretty chilling once you put yourself in their shoes.

Results of the Assignment Question!

Last week I asked all three of my U.S. History classes what they liked in an assignment, and what they didn’t.  I deeply appreciate your answers.  I promise you that I read each one.  Here’s what I discovered…

Some of you like PowerPoint presentations.  By that I believe that you like informational presentations that use pictures, with a more informal lecture + question and answers.  They’re a little more difficult to create from the teacher’s side, but can be incredible when done well.  I’ll work at seeing if I can get one going.

Some of you like group projects… You’re in luck!  There’s a group project coming up next week!  We have the computer lab on Feb 28 & 29, and if I can swing it, the library on Mar 3&4.  We’re going to work on creating projects not unlike Mr. Alper’s final from the Civil Rights Movement unit that he did in January.

I’m pretty happy that some of you like my 3 minute lectures.  I’m going to use those as we move forward.  They make me happy, they’re easy to prepare and as long as you’re getting something out of them, I’ll continue to use them.

While it’s unlikely that I’ll be incorporating the eating/sleeping suggestions that some of you were kind enough to share, I know that I’ll continue to work at making this class as interesting as I can.  Thank you all for your cooperation.