Re-introducing the Cold War

For the first couple of days of the unit we’re going to be working on reintroducing the Cold War.  We spent most of the 1st semester talking about the after effects of World War II, how the United States and the Soviet Union worked to build dominance around the world, but especially in Europe.  We’re going to come back to the Cold War, picking up pretty much exactly where we left off.

 Here are some of the things specific to the Cold War that we worked on (in no particular order)…

  1. The Iron Curtain
  2. The Korean War
  3. Communist Revolution in China
  4. The differences between the Soviet and American government
  5. Freedom vs. Tyranny
  6. Duck and Cover!
  7. The Berlin Airlift
  8. McCarthyism

We’re going to be moving forward now.  In the next couple of weeks, were going to move into the last couple of years in the 1950s, and into the 1960s.  Not to give anything away, but…

  1. Stalin Dies and is replaced by Nikita Khrushchev
  2. The launch of Sputnik scares the U.S. and kicks off the space race.
  3. The Cuban Revolution brings Fidel Castro to power
  4. A CIA financed invasion of Cuba ends in catastrophe.
  5. The Cuban Missile Crisis nearly starts World War III.

 There’s much more to come, we’ve hardly even begun!

Remember to Duck and Cover!