Thank you!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all for your help and support.  It’s been an honor and a privilege being your student-teacher this term.  It breaks my heart that my student-teacher experience at Putnam has to end.  I genuinely looked forward to seeing you all in class every day.  There wasn’t a single day that I’ve regretted my choice to become a teacher, that’s entirely because of how welcome you’ve made me feel.  You’ve made my experience a real joy. 

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I first came to Putnam.  I’ve taken SO MANY classes and listened to SO MANY lectures about teaching, but nothing can prepare you for the first time you have to stand in front of a classroom.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for teachers like Mr. Alper who make it look so EASY.  Believe me, it’s not.  I’d like to thank Josh Alper for helping me.  I can never repay you for all of your help and encouragement.  Your advice and guidance has always been welcome, and it’s been a pleasure to teach in your classroom.  I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me.  Thank you.

Your friend,

Brad Wright


Here’s something cool for you to watch as thanks for all of your help.  BTW, it has NOTHING to do with Kennedy, Johnson, The Cold War, The Space Race, elections, primary sources, secondary sources, quizzes, assignments, campaign advertisements, education, or anything else constructive. 

It’s one of my favorite bands, they’re called Portishead.  This is a clip from a show they did in ’98 at the Roseland Theater in New York.

Ok, it’s a Primary Source, It’s unedited documentary footage. 

Thanks again!


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