Back to the Future

We’re back into the Cold War again!  I’ve uploaded the assignments for the January 29 & 30 classes.  The crossword puzzle is a .pdf, while the word bank, and pre-test are .doc files.  Please feel free to let me know if there are any difficulties viewing or downloading the files. 

Many thanks to George Nita, Cody Wilson, and Stephanee Christensen for demonstrating Duck and Cover for us!  (everybody singing… Duck… and Cover!) 

One of the items we discussed during the day 1 classes was the Hydrogen Bomb.  We talked about them in class in the previous Cold War unit, but I’m not sure we’ve seen what they look like.  The clip is from a film called Trinity and Beyond.  It’s available from Blockbusters and Hollywood Video if you’re interested.  The piece linked here is from the very first test of a Hydrogen Bomb.   It’s a 10 Megaton bomb tested under the code name “Ivy Mike” will tell you everything you want to know about that particular test. 

How we managed to escape the 50s and 60s without blowing ourselves up is beyond me.


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