Welcome to 2nd Semester!

I’m very excited to be back in front of the class. I’m going to take Mr. Alper’s 11th grade US History class over from January 29 through March 14 (the Friday before Spring Break) or so. Looking at the academic calendar, it looks like we’lll be together for 16 class periods. You were all pretty gentle with me during my first go-around, so I’m hoping that you’ll all continue to work with me as I get my feet wet again.

Most of you know that I’m a student teacher, everything I do in class is a bit of an experiment. Other teachers use blogs, I thought that it might be a great way to make the experience more interesting for the both of us.

First things first… I will use this space to post electronic versions of class materials, links to websites that I think can help you learn more about in-class topics, audio and video clips, links to podcasts and other things that I might think are interesting, as well as information about extra credit opportunities. I’m going to add additional comments, and add additional lecture notes. I intend to update this daily, so you’ll almost always have access to the latest class materials.

You’ll have the ability to leave comments, ask questions, or leave me email. Everything I add here can and will be made available to students who don’t have access to computers. It just wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t. I think most students have some access to computers at one point or another most days, but not all of you do. If you have friends in the class that don’t have regular access to the web, be a pal and give them a heads up about the stuff on the page from time to time.

Sometimes classes will go more smoothly than others, I hope that we have more smooth patches than rough ones. If you think there’s something I should know, or if you think that you have some valid CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for me, I’m always open to hear it.

Let me know what you think! I’m open to ideas about what you like in an assignment, and what you don’t like. Some of you work better with text, some with movies, some with lecture notes. I’m here for you, so if something’s not working, I need to know it.

Here’s to a good 2nd half of the school year!

Mr. Wright


2 Responses

  1. Mr. Wright, man you gotta put Der Untergang on your videos!! Also me and you gotta debate on WWII!! start posting or make a new page for debates!!!

  2. i think i spelled your name wrong….

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